HRW: Saudi, allied forces torture Yemenis

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Prominent rights group, Human Rights Watch says Saudi and their allied Yemeni forces have carried out serious abuses against civilians since June last year. 

HRW has documented 16 cases of arbitrary detentions in Yemen’s eastern province of al-Mahrah. The group says the detentions targeted demonstrators protesting the presence of Saudi forces, as well as local residents not connected with the protests. HRW says eleven of the detainees have been moved to Saudi Arabia and tortured while in custody. The rights group also says Saudi forces forcibly disappeared at least five detainees for several months, without providing information on their whereabouts. HRW has called on Saudi Arabia and its allied Yemeni forces to immediately release the detainees. Saudi Arabia began its war on Yemen five years ago, killing more than 16-thousand Yemenis. 

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